Panelists say journalism is vibrant and here to stay

By Jamail Mathews

Texas Southern University communication students filled room 104 in the MLK Auditorium to hear a panel with Vernon Loeb, ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Melinda Spaulding, and Monique O. Madan.

Having journalists who are considered successful in their careers in one room raised the question of: “what is the state of journalism in today’s society?

“I think the state of journalism is actually pretty vibrant, I do not think that journalism has ever been more interesting,” said Loeb, Houston Chronicle Managing Editor.

Even though the panelists had different positions and educational backgrounds, they all made it very evident that journalism is alive and well and is not going anywhere anytime soon.

“There’s no other job in the world where you can show up and cover the truth,” said Madan, a Miami Herald Breaking News reporter.

As the panelists went further into  discussion, they stressed how rewarding the industry of journalism actually is and what communication students should look forward to after graduating from TSU.

“I want you to be honest to yourselves about what it takes to be a journalist. And if you have the passion for news, not to be on TV or to be a celebrity or write a blog, but have the passion for news,” said Spaulding, VP for Institutional Advancement at TSU.

The panelists continued to debunk the job style of a journalist and what it truly takes to get a job or internship in this industry.

“I believe in having multiple avenues or multiple eggs in my basket because, it ultimately makes you marketable,” said Billingsley, Author, Publisher, Screenwriter, Actress, and Editor for the Defender Network.

The main take away the panelists wanted all the communication students to receive is that the journalism industry is an evolving business and you cannot be lukewarm. You have to take full advantage of all the key opportunities you have as college students, because once you graduate you become competition to everyone.

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