Communication Week starts off with a showcase of TSU musical talent

By Theresa Barrett

Planned only a week in advance, Texas Southern University Communication Week’s “Kick Off” was a success with a multitude of students from the School of Communication gathering around the Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanities building to showcase their talents.

TSU Tigers from various majors also chimed in to support their fellow peers as they performed. Performers were handpicked as well as their music, to ensure that no explicit content would be performed. The show was clean cut and no derogatory language was used, making it an even more refreshing experience, many said.

Handpicked right along with the aspiring musicians were the MC and DJ, who effortlessly kept the crowd hyped and on their feet.

“From A to Z , you start off and you have to basically get the sound and the DJ. That’s a little bit more difficult than people think because we have to choose from the vendors list,” said Professor Jordan Williams, chair of the Entertainment, Recording, Management department.

Although options were limited, Professor Williams made sure that the talents that he chose did not lack anything for this event. He made sure that the DJ and the MC were credible and reliable.

The professor's and students' hard work paid off.  Students proved they could coordinator, produce and performed like professionals while on deadline.  The kick off performance looked one coordinated by top promoters, as it exposed the hidden talents inside the School of Communication.

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