Professional headshots are a big hit with TSU students

By Diya Heaven, journalism major


Texas Southern University’s Communication Week kicked off March 25 with students taking professional headshots.

John Tucker, a professor in the School of Communications at TSU, trained the student photographers to take the headshots.

“This class just started but they have been preparing all semester,” Tucker said.

The event is being hosted everyday from noon to 3p.m. in the television studio.

The students come into the studio and write their names and emails on a whiteboard. Then they pose as the photographers capture the best shot.

The headshots can be used for many things including digital resumes, Linkedin profiles, social media and other professional platforms.

Tucker said hands-on experience is the best tool to help students learn new skills.  He left the entire project up to the student to organize.

Jessica Marrs was one of the student photographers. Marrs said she had been taking photos for years and wanted the person they took the headshots of to feel amazing about them.

“Headshots are more technical,” said Marrs. She was fully aware of what needed to be done to properly capture the photos.

Other students are choosing to use the headshots for creative purposes. Andrew Walls is  a sports management major. He plans to use his headshot for an interview cover page. Walls aspires to be a coach in the near future.

Rendrick Garrett helped with set up. Lights were an important part of capturing the perfect headshot.

“The lighting makes the backdrop appear,” said  Garrett.  “The lighting has to correctly reflect off in order to eliminate lingering shadows.”

Overall, students said the head shot activity made Communication Week extra special.


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