Texas Southern University alumni captivate students with personal testimonies

By: Willie Jordan

With Texas Southern University Communications week now in full swing, day three of the week long event was as inspirational and insightful as the first two days.

Wednesday, Apr. 18 Communications Week continued with panelists discussing journalism in the multicultural age and providing the skills needed to succeed in journalism today.

As the third day unfolded I found a common thread that would intertwine the first three days and I’ll guarantee this trend will continue throughout the week.

No matter the desired discipline under the School of Communication umbrella, Radio Television and Film,  Entertainment Recording Management or Journalism, success in each of these fields as told by each panelists throughout the week consist of networking, good work ethic, internships, and branding.

The enthusiasm and how adamant each panelists were when disclosing their own experience as they developed each of these skills, reminded me of caring parents giving their kids keys to life.

You could feel the excitement and passion fill the room, which should be a characteristic possessed by anyone who loves their job, career or anything they are passionate about.

It was a great experience to witness individuals in their respective fields to be as ecstatic about what they’re doing along with their willingness to share their wealth of knowledge and information. It was absolutely remarkable to say the least.

With a day full of information and amazing quotes from highly accomplished individuals, the most captivating and mesmerizing moments came when the the final panel of the day, all TSU Alumni. The alumni were asked why did they come to TSU and why did they stay?

Nakia Cooper, Web Manager for Warner Brother 39, gave an emotional testimony and a fiery motivational speech that rivals anything I have ever heard, but the most soul stirring moment came when she admitted  “love is what keep me.”

The closing panel’s pure love and affection for TSU is clearly seen and at times gave me goosebumps. It’s what we all needed.

Those are the words we, the students, need to hear, those are the people we need to see, this is what enhances the college experience and creates school pride.

By far the most enjoyable forum, filled with inspirational words and heartfelt words that caused you to want to obtain your goal even more.

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